Compact Piezo Linear Motor

Miniature Piezo Linear Motor / Slide for OEM Applications

  • True Linear Motor Slide / No Rotary Conversion Losses
  • Fast: Velocity up to 200 mm/s
  • Cost-Effective OEM Drive for High Quantity-Applications
  • Fast Response in Milliseconds
  • Self Locking at Rest

PILine® OEM piezo-motor  linear slides are ideal for OEM-type motion and positioning applications where space is at a premium and precision is still required. These tiny linear slides can be used to replace classical motorized screw driven stages which the ultrasonic motor drive principle outclasses with its speed of up to 200 mm/second. PILine®  ultrasonic piezo linear motor linear slide stages offer a number of advantages over classical motor slides:

  • Higher velocities
  • Smaller design
  • High push/pull and holding forces relative to the drive size

Due to their sterile, non-magnetic, ceramic nature, piezo motor miniature linear actuators work well in medical design applications. 
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Piezo Motor Overview

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