Enabling Contamination-Free Flow Measurement and Air Bubble Detection with Piezo-Based Ultrasonic Transducers

Fully automated flow measurement or air bubble detection is the basis of many industrial systems in which liquids are moved and need to be monitored. Whether in consumer- or large-scale water meters, gas flow measurement in pipelines or air bubble detection in plants of the food or pharma industry – ultrasound can detect the flow of various media contactlessly and thus without any contamination.

The operating frequency of ultrasonic transducers is determined by various factors: The geometry of the piezo, the connection with matching layers, its bonding on substrates or integration in housings. The available installation space and the type of electrical contacting affect the electrode structure of the piezo elements and thus their acoustic vibration behavior. The temperature when using the transducer determines the choice of materials: The piezo ceramics, but also electrical connecting parts and adhesives.

White Paper

Smart Metering with Ultrasound

Contactless Monitoring of Liquids and Gases

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PI has profound know-how in the field of customized transducers for smart metering. With more than 25 years of expertise in manufacturing and assembling ultrasonic transducers, we offer various piezo geometries, electrode configurations and flexible production quantities. Our piezo experts also handle further processing steps for you: Whether it is gluing piezos to membranes or assembling complete transducers, PI can do more for you than just manufacturing piezoceramic elements.

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