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PI Design Seminars: Nanopositioning / Ultra-Precision Motion Control
PI Seminars are effective in helping principal investigators, engineering managers, and Chief Technical Officers promote advanced motion control within their organization by enhancing engineering staff’s knowledge at a location close to the office. Seminars are productive for Research Groups at Universities, Industrial Design Teams, Advanced Manufacturing Teams, and Scientists developing instrumentation for the life sciences.

PI Seminars address:
  • Survey of Nanometer precise and ultra-fast motion using Piezo
  • Reliability of PZT materials
  • Custom Actuators Development
  • Creating Multi-Axis Motion with PZT actuators
  • Measuring Nanometers - Nanometrology
  • Ultrasonic Motors
  • Advanced Mechatronics
  • Hexapod design theory
  • Application Spotlight upon request
Customize the seminar to your own needs and interests. Request hands-on demonstration units and discuss proof of concept with seasoned technical staff. Learn about component and system capabilities at PI as you move beyond conventional motor technologies.

We encourage you to e-mail your seminar request to seminars@pi-usa.us. A technical sales engineer will contact you within a day or two to discuss how a PI seminar might benefit your product development efforts.

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