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M-300 Series Miniature Translation Stages

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M-311.00, M-312.00, M-313.00 Miniature Translation Stage

M-313.80 XYZ stage with PiezoMikes

M-313.00 XYZ stage with M-318.20 angle bracket and F-010.00 fiber holder mounted on a pillar pin with M-318.30 adapter plate.

The M-300 series of translation stages are our smallest micrometer driven positioners. The carriage is spring preloaded against the micrometer tip for elimination of backlash. M-300 series stages are available in one, two or three axis configurations. The latter consists of a two-axis stage, an angle bracket and a one-axis stage. Please note that an XY-unit cannot be separated into two one-axis stages. The vertical stage in the M-313 XYZ assembly supports the load through the micrometer spindle (not the preload springs) for excellent stability.

Versions with PiezoMike drive provide an additional 30 Ám fine range (click here for further details) for remotely controlled ultra-high resolution (e.g. scanning or tracking).

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